A 3rd space for overthinking peri-menopausal introverts

I’m overthinking a tagline for the current, soon-to-be version of Gwendolyn Kelly dot com.

What I’ll most likely do is “pick” multiple and then have them rotate with javascript. I have so many plans for once I know javascript.

Today, I’m really liking, “… a 3rd space for (over)thinking, menopausal, introverts”.

It’s funny how much the commas matter. I don’t want to overthink menopausal introverts. I am an overthinking menopausal introvert.

What Kind of Place will this be?

Third space or place meaning not home, the first space, and not work, the second space. Now maybe 1/3rd space might fit since there’s a lot of home and work being the same place.

The kind of place where you have deep conversation or where you do deep thinking. A place for journals and thick books and maybe some art making or crafting.

At any rate, I’m going to wander off and explore the Third Space Network.

When is Overthinking an issue?

I don’t always consider overthinking a bad thing. Sometimes it’s just neutral. Often it can be positive – or maybe then it’s not “over” :-0
There’s a clinical psychologist, Nick Wignall, who writes the clearest and most useful articles about a wealth of things. Check out his article that unpacks seven reasons people overthink.