You Need a Useful Kitchen Routine – A SuperBetter Adventure

Everyone struggles with some aspect of getting and staying healthy.

For me it’s been having a holistic plan around getting to a healthy weight and then maintaining that weight and the related health benefits.

But what’s changed for me is the realization that what I need is a system – or rather that the system I’ve been operating under is not complete and it’s not working for me.

My mindset changed once I acknowledged those 2 things. Changing my mindset enabled me to do things differently.

So I’ve been playing with a fun way to overcome the lack of a sustainable kitchen routine.

Let the kitchen routine leveling up begin

What I’m starting to do instead is pay attention to and work on the pieces of my life as individual parts and THEN look at how those parts fit together.

So, instead of trying to fix both my eating habits AND my exercise (or lack thereof) issues, | first deal with them independently. This has kept me from becoming overwhelmed and wandering off to do ANYTHING else.

Now that | have some clarity and my focus has increased I’m ready for the next level – Creating a SuperBetter Adventure to help keep me motivated and on track. You should join me in doing this. Allies make everything better.

What is a SuperBetter Adventure?

An adventure, in SuperBetter parlance, “is a set of power-ups, bad guys, and quests designed to help you tackle a particular challenge.” There are a few other elements that could be included but let’s focus on these main 3:

  1. power-ups
  2. bad guys
  3. quests

Figuring out an entire adventure will take a bit of time but here are the basics. I’ll come back to each in separate essays.


quick actions you can take that always make you feel better in some way. You first identify, gather, and then use power-ups daily.

bad guys are good kitchen routine helpers

“anything that blocks your progress or causes you anxiety, pain, or distress.” I have found it’s powerful to just identify and name these potential roadblocks. But SuperBetter introduces you to 5 ways to “battle” them.

You have to try this seemingly simple tactic to believe how transformational it is.


tiny actions and/or habits that could help you meet larger goals

Let’s build a kitchen routine with help from those three

Our challenge will be designing a personalized total healthy eating plan.
Between now and next time, buy the book, make some notes about potential power-ups, bad guys, and quests.

Don’t overthink it just jot down any quick positive actions you already take, make a list of things blocking you and
note tasks you think are too small to be useful but which might need doing.

Example; make a list of your 5 favorite ingredients and 5 favorites dishes.

Here’s more about SuperBetter for wellbeingSuperBetter is the most practical book I’ve ever read.