Taking pictures of original art is too hard

here's a good example of taking pictures of original art

I’ve tried taking pictures of original art. I’ve tried taking pictures of handmade jewelry. It’s all too hard. It’s best to just find a professional who has a good setup and pay them.

Geoff Carr, Louisville based photographer and real estate agent, took my images.

He’s affordable, efficient, has a great eye, and is easy to work with. He might be focusing on other pursuits soon 🙁

But if you have to or just want to do it yourself and haven’t been beaten down by how much work it is, here’s some help for artist Karen Hale.

  • Walking Meditation - relief print by Gwendolyn Kelly. Photo by Geoff Carr.
    Walking Meditation

[metagallery id=26129]

Taking pictures of original art IS an example of positive procrastination. Once you give it a try you’ll then truly appreciate professional photographers :-0 Every time I’ve attempted it I do the math and realize how much time I took away from actually doing what I’m good at.

Some books that’ll help with taking pictures os original art and more

Digital Photography Complete Course: Learn Everything You Need to Know in 20 Weeks!! Yikes even the titles let you know it’ll be a lot of work. Think of all the other things you could do in 20 weeks :-0 Well, maybe you’ll become a wonderful photographer on top of all the other things you good at.