Eating should be simple: 50+ women should explore the myth about the relationship between having a wonderful life and food

I used to insist that eating should be simple. That was my dream. All meals should be quick and take as little thought as possible. That’s a myth. A potentially
dangerous one.

In thinking about the how of making meals quickly and as effortlessly as possible I’ve started to
question some assumptions.

The first assumption being that this statement is true”?

Should eating be simple?

Should you aim to get all meals done in 30 minutes or less? Why? What’s a
more important use of time? Is it true for me and the life I want to life? Food is an essential part of life and should be given time and attention that acknowledges that importance.

Conduct a brief thought experiment:

Imagine how different your health would be if 10 years ago you discovered and adopted an eating plan that …

  • included tasty foods that energized your body and mind
  • kept your bodily systems running smoothly (no hormonal imbalances, no pre-diabetes
    scares, no high blood pressure)
  • continuously led you to discover new people, places, and experiences
  • felt like a part of your best life not an inconvenient add on

Now answer two questions …

  • How would your body be different than it is now?
  • What about your relationships and lifestyle?

Let’s continue exploring the idea that eating should be simple

l used to believe that meal planning was a challenge to overcome but I know now that quick and thoughtless are not the way to sustainable
health. So starting today I’m renewing my commitment to becoming and staying conscious of ways, tiny
and full-sized, to improve the quality of my relationship with food.

I’m starting in my kitchen.

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