A challenge for aspiring conscious consumers

Step one for aspiring conscious consumers – assume you have too much stuff. Let’s also assume that you could be and WANT TO BE
better at minimizing your negative impact on the world.

Now imagine if you were personally responsible for re/using every thread, every item, every
everything that was given to you and/or that you purchase or find.

Yikes! Conscious consumers are responsible for the disposal of a lot of stuff!

Conscious consumers must constantly think about their stuff formerly known as resources which quickly are reduced to being euphemistically labelled trash.

  • What would you do with ribbons from gifts and old journals?
  • What would you do with items you find while out walking your dog?
  • What would you do with tchotchkes you accept from vendors at community events and/or trade
  • What would you do with the tamper evident rings and their bottle caps from all the plastic
    bottles you buy?
  • What would you do with boxes and packing materials that come with your online orders?

One of my answers to all of the above is, “I’d made a piece of art”.  I’ll show you later.

Check out these 3 resources if you want to super charge your current recycling level

  • Check out WaveOfChange.com starting with the article 5 ways to go beyond recycling:
  • Learn about Ethical Fashion aka Slow Fashion. Here’s a useful starter guide from
  • Practice being a responsible traveler. Monacorona.com has 20 tips to get you thinking
    about sustainable tourism. (The site is ad cluttered but the info is worth wading through

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