Pay it forward examples is a List of generous people

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What do I mean by pay it forward examples? Well, I spend a lot of time online. Maybe too much time. One reason I go online is for information. Another reason is to see what other people are creating and thinking.

There are some people who seem truly generous with the help and useful services they share online. Their giving isn’t TMI in the “too personal” sense. And their giving doesn’t seem to be a piece of a “sales funnel”. I like their generosity and aim to be like them.

So below are some people who are leading by example when it comes to sharing useful things with strangers via the internet. I think I might start saying “interweb” because I heard it in a movie and it makes me laugh. Anyway ….

I want to thank these pay it forward examples

This is an evolving list.

People who help me learn new things are my favorite.

Alphabethical order is a true friend of overthinkers like me.

Brian Hadaway ·- This software engineer is my hero for getting my away from bloated, proprietary WordPress themes. I thank him for creating fabulous “generic” web tools that are helping me practice and learn a lot about web development. If you get some money before I do send it via PalPay to

Leon Noel – started 100Devs, a “free fully remote coding bootcamp”. This program is helping a lot of people enter the software engineering field. I haven’t taken advantage of his program yet but my coin collective sister, Danielle has and reports that Leon’s program is intense, structured, and worth the time and concentration. Hire Danielle to help you with starting or updating your website.

Nick Wignall – This clinical psychologist is my go-to writer for learning about and practicing emotional intelligence. I need a lot of help in this area.

Quincy Larson is the founder of FreeCodeCamp which is my hands down favorite teach-yourself-to-code platform. The lessons are simple and NOT video based. I’ve seen that they do have some video lesson via YouTube but I LOVE and appreciate the non-video lessons at the site. Quincy also sends a weekly newsletter that makes my head spin with so many things I’d love to learn.

Ruda Bird is a website developer, teacher, photographer and all around great person. Her BeBright DIY shop has courses and beautiful, reasonably priced, and useful site templates. PLUS, she hosts small group DIY web how-to courses with flexible pricing! And she’s available for 1:1 web development.

People who provide imagery are also super

Unsplash is a site based on paying it forward. Every free image at the site is an example in generosity.
So Unsplash Artists in general belong on this list. And I want to especially thank the following ones for the use of their pictures at and my other web presence attempts.
This is definitely a list that I need to flesh out. I started using Unsplash before I decided to keep a list of photographers.
Ashley Whitlatch