Buy original art – No Victim’s Song

Buy original art because you like the look and feel of it. Also because it’s special. In this mass-produced world hand made objects can remind us about the importance of uniqueness.

The title, No Victim’s Song, is from a track by jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves. It is a beautiful album. You can buy it and listen as you meditate on your new artwork.

31″ x 47″
Intaglio print, fabric collage: apron, hand embroidery, buttons, trinkets, machine and hand stitching.

Louisville photographer Geoff Carr – took all the artwork photos.

FYI: The costs of doing business

The price includes the cost of shipping. Yes! Free-to-You Shipping. It’s my gift to you for giving my artwork a joyful home.

Taxes I can’t cover :-0 . Kentucky has a 6% sales tax.

These pieces are NOT framed

I don’t frame any of my fiber pieces. Simply pin the piece to the wall with t-pins or push pins. The pieces are all lightweight and pinning allows them to exist without borders. Plus they’re easier to move around to different rooms. So buy original art and simply hang it.

Framing is an art in and of itself. Rather or not to frame a piece is an individual buyer’s choice.

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