New Beginnings: Why I’m starting to write online

Yes, I’m going to write online. For the next 30 days I’m participating in Ship 30 for 30 the cohort-
based digital writing course started and led by Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole.

Why did this introvert sign up to be in a cohort AND write online?

  • Accountability. I have an embarrassing amount of unfinished
    writing in multiple formats :-0 This course provides structure.
  • Visibility. I write daily but seldom share. It’s time for me to
    stop hiding.
  • Allies. I need and want people in my life who write daily and
    publish regularly. This cohort is full of interesting people who

Why am i interested in writing online?

During this course, I’ll explore a range of topics as I boldly write online. I have a crazy long
possibility list. Three for sure subjects are menopause, quantified-self, and wellbeing.

Please help me on this adventure by sending me constructive
feedback and letting me know if you have any questions,
comments, and/or advice about the topics I’m exploring.

I’m excited to regularly start sharing what I know and learn online. Sign up for my monthly e-newsletter to stay connected.

Update: I did it!

Here’s a list of some of the pieces I wrote and posted online.

  • Why and how to get started learning about quantified self
  • A SuperBetter Adventure! The fun way to overcome the lack of a useful kitchen routine
  • SuperBetter is the most practical book I’ve ever read that can help perimenopausal women make lifestyle changes to shift from making-do to flourishing
  • What am I doing?
    • this will be a regular feature at
  • How can I be an engaged and useful citizen and a well being?
  • Women suffering with excessive tiredness and lack of joy should identify the specific condition
  • Date you way to health: 2 things long-term couples can do to close the labor gap and start fixing meals together
  • Take care of yourself! 3 short yet powerful reminders
  • 3 resources to help perimenopausal women get a grip on their feelings despite their hormonal ups and downs
  • Eating should be simple: 50+ women should explore the myth about the relationship between having a wonderful life and food
  • Every food is important, even celery: That’s the single most important lesson I’ve learned about crafting a healthy lifestyle
  • Here’s a challenge for all wanna-be conscious consumers