Random Questions As They Come Up

Honestly, I may never bother to answer some of these questions but they came up. Some of them have come up more than once. So my plan is to capture them, note them, and hope they either leave me alone or prompt me on a short, fun learning journey. We will see.

There’s no real order to these questions. I may categorize them at some point. They are numbered so I can refer to them if I want.

1 – what is deal with the “optimal dry” setting on my drier?

I was excited when I first saw the setting but then when I used it my clothes were very slightly under dry – not all the way “damp” – but not dry the way I like. Now the dang thing won’t let me use the “more dry” setting. I will win that battle.

2 – How many tops and how many bottoms are included in the 33 Item Wardrobe … ? at Be More With Less?

I’m too lazy/busy to go and look right now but I will because my clothing situation is out of control. I took all my clothes to one place and dumped them ala Marie Kondo. However, I didn’t do the next steps :-0 Thanks self-diagnosed ADD