Gwendolyn Kelly

My name is Gwen and I’m a lapsed artist.

It’s been years since I’ve been in the studio regularly. I’ve been busy in a lot of ways but I have not been creating art.

Why is that an issue? There are so many reasons why my lack of artistic production is an issue. I think I’ll write some essays about some of those reasons. #PositiveProcrastination *Share the wealth with me $gifted63


Humble Bragging …

I designed the “silk” wrap for Woodford Reserve’s 2021 $1,000 Mint Julep cup fundraiser.

This year the fundraiser celebrates the history of Black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby. The proceeds will benefit the Project to Protect African-American Turf History.

Buy your limited edition cup.

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Gwendolyn Kelly

Louisville, Ky

Gwendolyn Kelly has a Master of Arts in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Louisville. Gwendolyn has participated in many exhibitions including a one-woman exhibition at Spalding University’s Huff Gallery. Previous group exhibitions include The African American Invitational Art Exhibition at Actors Theatre in Louisville and the Small Works International at Amos Eno Gallery in New York.

In addition to her studio work, she regularly provides art, creativity, and community-building workshops in Kentucky and beyond. 


My work is a meditation on life. It is especially an exploration of the relationships between past and present, history and her-story, physical and spiritual life. I’m trying to understand my position in this world and share my understandings with the viewer. I meditate on life and explore relationships by arranging things; words, fabric, patterns, colors, objects.

The pieces are more symbolic than literal because I experience life primarily from the inside out. The body, the physical container, is so obvious and necessary as a part of being that I don’t usually feel the need to reference it. When I do depict the body it’s usually in a generalized way. Yet I’ll sometimes add photographs of faces to reference an individual who is connected to the artwork.

The fiber techniques and materials I use stand in for the spirts and energy of women past, present, and future who used their hands to create comfort, beauty, and heartfelt objects for the people they loved in particular, and the world in general.

Relief Prints & Fabric Collages

Featured Work

Photo by Geoff Carr -


Original Hand Pulled Print (edition of 11)

12″ x 18″ (image area) – 18″ x 24″ (paper)

$75 (unframed)

Photo by Geoff Carr -

Walking Meditation

Original Hand Pulled Print (edition of 15)

18″ x 12″ (image area) – 18″ x 24″ (paper)

$75 (unframed)

Photo by Geoff Carr -

We Are Screwed; KY is Littered with Guns

Original Hand Pulled Print (edition of 11)

18″ x 12″ (image area) – 18″ x 24″ (paper) $75 (unframed)

Photo by Geoff Carr -

The Road: Eastover, Route 2

fabric, paint, sequins, beads

17 1/2″ width x 23 1/4″ height

Photo by Geoff Carr -

Question of the Day: When Is Infinity?

fabric collage with embellishment

8 1/2″ width x 10″ height

Photo by Geoff Carr -

Blue Hand Junction

fabric collage with stitching and embellishment

12″ width x 8 3/4″ height