About Us: You & Me, Gwen Kelly

Hello Well Being. Welcome to GwendolynKelly.com or The Gwen Kelly TMI share tank. This site is about finding, exploring, and sharing words, ideas, and actions that lead to and support wellbeing.

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I am always searching for inspiration, motivation, and advice worth considering and worthy of sharing. Maybe too often. I look in how-to books, novels, fortune cookies, everyday conversations, and other places. I learn and share and repeat. If you do anything similar I want to connect.

Why? If, like me, you’re alternately underwhelmed and overwhelmed by ordinary life and are ready to add some awe and extra-consciousness to your everyday interactions let’s practice that together. This all sounds chaotic and slightly silly, maybe even impossible yet worth doing all at the same time.

potential topics we can explore together

  • art making (or not making)
  • books (fiction)
  • books (self-help)
  • bourbon
  • finances
  • happiness
  • hobbies
  • jewelry making
  • knitting
  • personal growth
  • wine
  • worldbuilding (speculative fiction writers know what I mean)
  • Oh, and check out the $10 Word Adventure game/art project/product.

Join me, Gwen Kelly, & other kindred wellbeing seekers!

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