SuperBetter is the most practical wellness book ever

There are many practical wellness books out in the world. And SuperBetter is one of the best. I love this book. It can help perimenopausal women make lifestyle changes to shift from making-do to flourishing

Lots of lifestyle enhancement books are published every year. I know because l read a lot of self
help, personal growth books. That’s my jam :-0

But the best, most practical, and useful book I’ve found on life design is SuperBetter: A
Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver, and More Resilient by game designer, Jane McGonigal.

A few reasons I recommend SuperBetter to older women:

Reason #1: There’s a clearly defined, step-by-step, yet flexible “how-to” framework.

Jane McGonigal calls it “living gamefully”. She clearly explains the parts, starting with Challenge

Reason #2: The gameful framework is science based not just anecdotal.

The book (1) details the research, (2) directs you to the original studies, and (3) provides summaries of the evidence
in engaging stories.

Those three features are a must for a practical wellness book to be not just information you take on faith but something you can use to investigate interesting rabbitholes.

Reason ##3: It encourages you to “win the day”, which is a way to get and stay conscious of how you are living day to day.

Once you challenge yourself you embark of a mission to identify and active Power
Ups, acknowledge and confront Bad Guys aka anything that’s making your life different
than ideal. You complete simple daily quests, make new allies, and might even craft a secret

Here’s a bit more about Power Ups, Bad Guys, and Quests.

It’s playful AND useful practical wellness book

The language is game related but the framework is not childish and it’s not just for gamers.

So if you are at all interested in being more conscious in your day-to-day life while adding joy I
highly recommend you read Jane McGonigal’s book SuperBetter.

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