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Notes about the title: The Code: Brookline, Massachusetts

Quilt blocks and the Underground Railroad stories fascinate me. I have a book, Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad.

It’s not the only book that explores the tale of secret messages passed via everyday objects. It is however, one of the most detailed while being accessible to non-researchers.

There are a few personal reasons I love this book. For one, a Williams family features prominently in the main story. Williams is my paternal grandfather’s last name.

And many years ago, one of the co-authors, the late Raymond G. Dobard, randomly filled in for one of my professors at the University of Louisville.

The Code: Brookline, Massachusetts

The background in The Code: Brookline, Massachusetts, is text from vintage newspapers of runaway notices.

The quilt squares are bear claw, drunkards path, north star, flying geese (my favorite pattern), and log cabin.

So this is a two-fer. You can buy affordable original art online AND learn a bit of history at the same time.

The pieces is 41″ x 41″
Fabric collage with stitching, decals, and embellishment, and text from escaped notices found in vintage newspapers

Brookline, Ma was an active underground railroad depot.

All artwork photos were taken by Louisville photographer Geoff Carr –

FYI: The costs of doing business

The price includes the cost of shipping. Yes! Free-to-You Shipping. It’s my gift to you for giving my artwork a joyful home.

So you can buy affordable original art online without worrying about the cost of postage.

Taxes I can’t cover :-0 . Kentucky has a 6% sales tax.

These pieces are NOT framed

I don’t frame any of my fiber pieces. Simply pin the piece to the wall with t-pins or push pins. The pieces are all lightweight and pinning allows them to be without  borders. Plus they’re easier to move around to different rooms.

Framing is an art in and of itself. Some of these art pieces are of a size that could be framed but the buyer should make those decisions. Rather or not a piece is framed is an individual buyer’s choice.

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