How to buy original art online-The Road to a personal collection

The Road - blue and gold fiber art piece

How to buy original art online is a simple subject. Get online (you’ve completed this step). Find art that you find visually appealing and/or that has some element you’re interested in. If the artwork is for sale – buy it :-0 Yep. That’s it.

Notes about the title – The Road: Eastover Route 2

Eastover is in South Carolina – Richland County. It’s where my mother lived most summers of her childhood. It’s where my family used to own land but I don’t think they still do. I could be wrong. The current population is less than 1000 according to google. I’ve only been there a few times but have vivid memory flashes. The words “Eastover” and “Rich Land” sound like part of an adventure quest.

17-1/2″ x 23-1/4″
boot pellon, overpainted fabric, sequins, seed beads, buttons

All artwork photos were taken by Louisville photographer Geoff Carr –

FYI: The costs of doing business

The only drawback as you learn how to buy original art online is also learning to be okay with shipping costs. But that’s not an issue here at The cost of shipping IS included in the price. It’s my gift to you for giving my artwork a joyful home.

Taxes I can’t cover :-0 . Kentucky has a 6% sales tax.

These pieces are NOT framed

I don’t frame any of my fiber pieces. Simply pin the piece to the wall with t-pins or push pins. The pieces are all lightweight and pinning allows them to be without  borders. Plus they’re easier to move around to different rooms.

Framing is an art in and of itself. Some of these art pieces are of a size that could be framed but the buyer should make those decisions. Rather or not a piece is framed is an individual buyer’s choice.

More original art for sale

Throughout the site I’ll provide advice about how to buy original art online. There are a lot of options. Please lean towards buying original artwork when possible. And if you can buy directly from the artist you will earn lots of karma points and make someone super happy.